The built environment has evolved to frame and facilitate nearly all human activities. Simultaneously, its constant expansion has become more and more harmful to the natural environment.
The construction sector accounts for an estimated 40% of earth resources consumption and, therefore, has a crucial role to play in achieving sustainability. Urban development has special importance within the broader context of sustainability as well, while current trends predict that the number of urban dwellers will keep rising, reaching almost 5 billion by 2030 out of a world total of 8.1 billion.
The main objective of the doctoral programme is to create an integrated approach to this subject, covering phases of: design, construction materials and technologies, service life evaluation and durability, rehabilitation, building comfort and use of energy, construction economics and management, sustainable urban development and regeneration.
iDiSBE aims at providing a high level specialized advanced education in order to develop in the doctoral candidates the ability to contribute to the advancement of knowledge in the field of sustainable built environment, through creative and autonomous investigation.