Research/academic projects as coordinator


“BIM A+ European Master in Building Information Modelling”

Objectives: European Master in scope of Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degrees.
Team at UM: Miguel Azenha, J. Granja, I. Valente, J.C Lino, B. Figueiredo, H. Sousa
Financing: 2123500 EUR; 599172-EPP-1-2018-1-PT-EPPKA1-JMD-MOB
Period: 2018-2023


“New methodologies and tools for viabilization of a new product: sculptural elements formed by large scale steel trusses”

Objectives: A research project carried out for the company NEWTON.
Team at UM: Miguel Azenha, L. Bidarra Fernandes
Financing: NORTE-01-0247-FEDER-004638
Period: 2015-2016


“Optimization of RC ribbed slab systems for improved fire behaviour”

Objectives: A research project carried out for the company FERCANORTE.
Team at UM: Miguel Azenha, J. Granja
Financing: NORTE-01-0247-FEDER-004463
Period: 2015-2016


“IntegraCrete – A comprehensive multi-physics and multi-scale approach to the combined effects of applied loads and thermal/shrinkage deformations in reinforced concrete structures”

Objectives: Within the scope of the combined effect of applied loads and thermal/shrinkage deformation in reinforced concrete structures, the main purpose of this research project is to carry out comprehensive program that incorporates extensive experimental characterization, real-scale testing with monitoring of relevant data and their corresponding simulation with multi-scale and multi-physics approaches. The central innovation of this research project is the pioneering capacity of the team to integrate knowledge and research experience in both the experimental and numerical simulation fields, paving the way to an unprecedented set of integrative innovations ranging from the microstructural characterization and modelling to the real-scale testing, modelling and validation.
Team at UM: Miguel Azenha, J.Sena Cruz, V. Cunha, J. Granja, I. Valente
Financing: FCT – PTDC/ECM-EST/1056/2014
Period: 2017-2019


“COST Action TU 1404 – Towards the next generation of standards for service life of cement-based materials and structures”

Objectives: The main purpose of this Action is to bring together relevant stakeholders (experimental and numerical researchers, standardization offices, manufacturers, designers, contractors, owners and authorities) in order to accelerate knowledge transfer in the form of new guidelines/recommendations, introduce new products and technologies to the market, and promote international and inter-speciality exchange of new information, creating avenues for new developments.
Team: Miguel Azenha (Chairman) -> 31 countries involved
Financing: COST Association
Period: 2014-2018


“VisCoDyn – Innovative method for continuous monitoring of concrete viscoelastic properties since early ages”

Objectives: Establishing a new technique for assessment of the viscoelastic behaviour of concrete at early ages through an innovative dynamic method analogous to the DMA testing machines (Dynamic Mechanical Analyzer).
Team: Miguel Azenha (Coordinator), José Granja, Jacinto Silva, Luís Ramos, Ricardo Oliveira
Financing: Exploratory Project – EXPL/ECM-EST/1323/2013 – Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology (FCT)
Period: March 2014 – February 2015


“Testing methods for E-modulus of concrete and mortar since very early ages: a round robin test series”

Objectives: The main objective of this research project is to conduct a round robin testing program involving the two teams, working on the same materials (concrete and mortar). This collaboration involves techniques recently developed (EMM-ARM and BTJASPE), which have not been so far object of such kind of any inter-laboratory testing.
Team: UM: Miguel Azenha (Coordinator), António Gomes Correia, Cristiana Ferreira, Jacinto Silva, José Granja LCPC/IFSTTAR: Claude Boulay, Jean Michel Torrenti, Stefano Dalpont
Financing: Pessoa Program Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology (FCT) and Egide (France). Funding requested for travel and lodging expenses in the scope of the collaboration project.
Period: February 2012 – February 2014


“SeLCo – Service life behaviour of concrete structures: a multiphysics approach to self-induced stresses”

Objectives: Establishing a thermo-hygro-mechanical modelling approach for a better understanding of service life behaviour of concrete structures.
Team: UM: Miguel Azenha (Executive local coordinator), Joaquim Barros (Oficial local coordinator), Ventura Gouveia. FEUP: Rui Faria (Coordinator), Joaquim Figueiras, Abel Henriques
Financing: Project PTDC/ECM/099250/2008 of the Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology (FCT). Total funding to the University of Minho: 66.554€
Period: June 2010 – May 2013 (extended to November 2013)
Results: The final remarks of the evaluation panel after the closure of the project were: “The main goals of the research project were totally fulfilled, with only insignificant deviations registered in few tasks. Regarding the budget, only minor and duly justified deviations are also reported. The deliverables reveal high scientific quality and, in addition, outnumber the outputs previewed. Most relevant figures include 9 papers (instead of 5) published in international journals, and 7 master theses concluded (instead of 3). As minor flaws, one could refer to the absence of papers published in National journals (3 expected). Although of no consequence in the scope of the project’s evaluation, the relevance of the latter for Portugal must be highlighted, since in many cases it represents the only link between research centers and the technical community. As final remark, the pannel would like to outline the excellent work developed by the project’s research team, noticeable in the final report, as well as in the project’s microsite and remaining outputs.”