Video Paper or Poster – a innovation proposal

SBE in 2016 we invite researchers to innovate. You could buy time to improve discussions and interaction at the technical session. How?
All researchers are invited to make a video proposal. If your abstract is accepted, be sure to participate in this format. This new mode was launched in ELECS2013 - Curitiba, Brazil and Euro ELECS 2015 - Guimarães, Portugal 

In SBE2016 - Vitória, Brazil you can choose: the traditional way, presenting only a written article or a video poster/paper or both;

Video length limit: 3 Minutes
Video file size limit: 300 MB.
Supported file formats: .MOV - .MPEG4 - .MP4 - .AVI - .WMV - .FLV
Minimum screen size: 1280x720 (16:9)
Opening video credits following the SBE16 Template.

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