IPW2024 Workshop

The 20th International Probabilistic Workshop (IPW 2024), which will take place on May 8-10, 2024, at the University of Minho, Guimarães, Portugal. The workshop aims at providing an international forum for the debate on topics such as the resilience, robustness and redundancy of infrastructure systems, risk assessment and management, climate change and loading uncertainties, novel decision-making frameworks, and many other topics related to the fundamentals and application of probabilities.

The IPW series was initiated in 2003 in Dresden, Germany, and since then it was hosted by many other countries, such as Austria, Belgium, the Netherlands, Poland, United Kingdom and South Africa. It has been an event to bring together experts on different engineering and science fields, and doctoral students looking for broad knowledge. However, the COVID-19 pandemic led the IPW 2020 to be held completely online, disrupting the in person gathering of this great community. Thus, the IPW 2024 appears as a new opportunity to welcome you at Guimarães. Expect a very open and friendly atmosphere, perfect for knowledge exchange, discussion and multidisciplinary collaboration.




Start Time


8 de Maio, 2024

Finish Time


10 de Maio, 2024


Universidade Do Minho - Campus de Azurém